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For years, we’ve been helping heads of logistics in various industries reach their business and operational goals. Check out what other companies say – find your industry in the tab.

What sets us apart from large international freight forwarders?

Well, it’s not our role to answer that question. New clients can usually answer that question after a few conversations with us and their first few shipments. However, we usually hear that we provide high transport capacity and efficient communication flow. Why don’t you find out for yourself?

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6 principles that support your business

Discover the values that make up the Interlogis Time Criticals DNA, on which we base our long-term strategy and daily operations.


Swiftness of operations

How long do you usually wait for a quote? What if you received a quote within 10 minutes? How would it improve your supply chain? We frequently hear from our customers that they see KPI improvements.



Something has gone wrong - it happens. But when are you informed about it? What happens if you receive a notification immediately? Our customers say they have time to react, reducing the consequences of any delay.



This is vital in any industry. But how can you reduce risk? What if you received a picture of your product in our vehicle and have a link to track it live? Our customers say it brings them peace of mind.


The human factor

How many people are involved in your transport request? What if you had a fixed, dedicated expert or team? Our customers say this results in more efficient communication flow and a reduction in misunderstandings.



Is your business dynamic? Are multiple places of collection involved, or some changes due to a delay? It happens. What if there were no extra costs due to changing the date of collection? Our customers enjoy this flexibility and versatility.



We do what we know best. We have skilled professionals on board with us, so you can always count on good advice. Everyone specialises in assisting a given industry, route, or country.

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