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As a transport company serving the automotive industry, we cater to the diverse needs of car and car part manufacturers, and wholesalers.

Our commitment to exceptional service and on-time deliveries has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner in the industry, driving success for car manufacturers, car part manufacturers, and wholesalers alike.

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Based on our experience, we often hear from other automotive companies about goals such as:

  • Improving delivery timeliness,
  • Improving communication flow,
  • Cost optimisation.

What goals do you want to achieve?
What are your goals?

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Interlogis - Automotive
Interlogis - Automotive


Heads of transport or logistics for car manufacturing companies, car part manufacturers, and wholesalers often mention barriers that hinder achieving the aforementioned goals. The top three most problematic ones include:

  • Insufficient transport capacity,
  • Lack of a dedicated team responsible for their transports,
  • Late notifications about problems “during transportation”.

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Our clients, after partnering with us, report the following results:

  • Up to 20% reduced transportation costs,
  • In the case of urgent shipments, a quote within 10 minutes,
  • Delivery performance: 99% of deliveries on time both for ad-hoc and regular flows.
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Interlogis - Automotive

Could such results be significant for you too?
What results do you want to see?

Let’s discuss and exchange experiences. Let’s see how our expertise in the automotive market can bring value to your company.

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Same day delivery of car parts

Express transportation between any countries in Europe (including islands).
Check how fast we can deliver car components and parts..

Fast delivery of car parts
– making every minute count

We know the costs associated with disruptions in the supply chain and production downtime in the automotive industry.

That’s why:

  • We are available 24/7 – even at night and on public holidays.
  • We have our own vehicles in various parts of Europe to get to the loading point faster.
  • We do not require a contract – you can quickly order transportation by email.
  • You will receive a quote within 10 minutes.
    Check it out for yourself!
Get a quote in 10 minutes
Interlogis - Automotive

Did you know?

In large logistics companies, it takes an average of 2 hours for a driver to head off for loading.
At Interlogis, we have reduced this time to a maximum of 25 minutes.

How is that possible? See how the service process works in the case of emergency
transportation and just-in-time deliveries.

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Tell us about your business goals and we will prepare transport services tailored to your needs.

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Test shipment

You'll receive a quote within 10 minutes and have your cargo collected in 2 hours or less in the majority of European capitals.

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Our consultants will be in touch regularly to adjust our services to your business needs.

Car parts shipping company

A fleet tailored to your needs

For the international transport of car components and parts, we use our own fleet. This ensures maximum flexibility. We also transport hazardous materials, such as batteries for electric cars.

Sprinter vans

When you need to transport from 8 to 10 Euro pallets (1100 kilos max.)

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Medium trucks

Medium trucks

When you need to transport up to 15 Euro pallets in one go (3.5 t max.)Trucks

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When you have a full truckload (33 Euro pallets) of cargo. Double-manned.

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Car parts courier service

We regularly handle daily deliveries of car parts to production lines. Punctuality is our trademark. Even if there is a ferry crossing on the way – we get to the destination at the appointed time.

Direct deliveries for the automotive industry in Europe include:

  • One-day delivery of auto parts from Germany to Denmark
  • Car parts shipping from Germany to Sweden
  • Auto parts next day delivery to the UK

  • Automotive transport from France to Denmark
  • Auto parts one day delivery from Poland to Denmark
  • Car parts one day delivery from Slovakia to Germany
  • Automotive transport from the UK to Spain
  • Auto parts next day delivery from the UK to Europe
Interlogis - Automotive
Interlogis - Automotive

Automotive logistics solutions

  • Individual support. You contact a dedicated representative who understands your needs and is available 24/7.
  • GPS tracking. You can continuously monitor the shipment.
  • Collective e-invoicing. You don’t waste time on bureaucracy.
  • Optional cargo insurance. When you want to additionally secure the shipment of very expensive equipment.

Do you have custom needs? We’re here for you.

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