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Have you ever considered the cost of a delay? For our clients in the aviation and automotive industries, an hour’s delay can mean significant financial losses. But in the case of medical emergencies, the stakes are much higher, since someone’s life or health is on the line.

That’s where we come in. Our speciality is providing express medical transport to any hospital in Europe, ensuring a reliable and fast service that saves every valuable minute. In addition, we offer air transportation services to meet all of your needs.

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Medical supplies transport

How long does the express delivery take?

Direct transportation between any two countries in Europe (including all islands). See how fast we can handle time-critical deliveries in medical transport.

When life is at stake, even 10 minutes counts.

That’s why we have optimised even the smallest element in the entire process (not limiting ourselves to just the arrival time):

  • We are available 24/7 – all year round, including nights and public holidays.
  • We have our own fleet in various parts of Europe to collect your cargo quicker.
  • We do not require a contract – urgent transport can be ordered with just one email.
  • You will receive a quote within 10 minutes. See for yourself!
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Interlogis - Medical

Did you know?

Our driver sets off to load your medical devices within 25 minutes of the moment you confirm the transport. In large forwarding companies, this time is on average as long as 2 hours. What’s difference?

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Tell us about your business goals and we will prepare transport services tailored to your needs.

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You'll receive a quote within 10 minutes and have your cargo collected in 2 hours or less in the majority of European capitals.

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Our consultants will be in touch regularly to adjust our services to your business needs.

Dedicated fleet

Medical transport solutions

All our vans and trucks are equipped with self-loading lifts, so there’s no need for a forklift on site. Upon request, each vehicle can be used exclusively for medical transport. In addition to time-critical deliveries, we also transport hazardous materials.

Sprinter vans

When you need to transport from 8 to 10 Euro pallets (1100 kilos max.)

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Medium trucks

Medium trucks

When you need to transport up to 15 Euro pallets in one go (3.5 t max.)

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When you have a full truckload (33 Euro pallets) of cargo. Double-manned.

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Express medical transport across Europe

We provide express delivery of equipment and supplies to hospitals and medical facilities. We also handle regular deliveries of medical devices between manufacturers’ and distributors’ warehouses.

Among our direct deliveries within Europe, we offer:

  • Express medical transport from France to Spain
  • Express medical transport from Germany to Italy
  • Express medical transport from Poland to France

  • Express medical transport from Germany to Spain
  • Express medical transport from Spain to Denmark
  • Express medical transport from France to the UK
  • Express medical transport from France to Sweden
  • Express medical transport from France to Italy
Interlogis - Medical
Interlogis - Medical

Transport solutions for medical suppliers

  • Ultra-fast communication. You arrange everything with a dedicated representative who understands your needs and is available 24/7.
  • GPS tracking. You can continuously monitor the shipment.
  • Collective e-invoicing. You don’t waste time on bureaucracy.
  • Optional cargo insurance. When you want extra peace of mind regarding the shipment of very expensive equipment.

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